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Although Coastal Center for Developmental Services has operated for more than 35 years in Savannah, many still call it a “hidden gem.” That term, however, is rapidly fading as CCDS and Quantum, Inc. are featured more regularly on local media outlets.

Most recently, Michael Owens, CEO of The Tourism and Leadership Council (TLC) toured Quantum. The Tourism Leadership Council serves as Savannah’s leading trade organization, representing Savannah’s second-largest industry: tourism. Many individuals from CCDS thrive in the hospitality/tourism industry, finding employment at local hotels and restaurants.

Owens, deeply touched by the trainees he met, returned a few weeks later with TLC board members and worked alongside Quantum trainees and also conducted mock interviews, preparing Community Employment participants for real-life job interviews.

Volunteers tried their hand at filling beauty kits from Savannah Bee Company that contain body wash, lotion, and lip balm enclosed in a zipper pouch. Trainees completed each pouch so quickly that Owens said, “Seems like everywhere we try to help out, we actually slow things down!”

After the Tourism and Leadership Council’s visit, several TLC participants wanted to hire trainees to work at local businesses or wanted to place orders with Quantum, Inc. for printing and catering services, which are popular within Savannah’s local hospitality industry.


“We’re out there working with the community and those that are trying to make our community a little bit better and Coastal Center is certainly one of those partners.”

-Michael Owens, CEO of The Tourism and Leadership Council