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Creating opportunities for integration

Making Community Connections

Community Access Groups help individuals with developmental disabilities connect with the community, engage with their peers, and participate in a variety of enrichment activities, with topics including art, music, and wellness. These programs help improve socialization skills, and provide avenues for meaningful community participation.

Meeting Community Needs

Community Access group participants have the opportunity to volunteer in the community. By donating their time, they are helping to solve shared problems, strengthen their community, and improve the lives of others. Some of our volunteer opportunities have included:

*Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
*Meals on Wheels
*Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia
*Union Mission

Check Out Ability In Action!

Making It Work In The Kitchen

Making It Work In The Kitchen

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Why Community Experiences Are Essential

Why Community Experiences Are Essential

Services for individuals with developmental disabilities are shifting towards a community focus throughout the country. Collectively we have realized the importance community connections play in both work and leisure activities. CCDS continues to be a leader in our...

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A Caregiver’s Perspective

My name is Lynda Sueirro.   I am the current parent representative on the Board of Directors of CCDS.  I am also mother to 43 year old Aspen, which to my way of thinking is one of my most important jobs.  Aspen has been coming to CCDS for 11 years now.  In honor of...

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