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Employment Services

Helping People With Disabilities Build Meaningful Careers

EmployAbility Community Employment Services helps people with disabilities explore employment opportunities, discover their strengths and interests, and find the job of their dreams. We’ll work with you to develop an employment plan based on your individual goals.

The people we support are as diverse as the industries in which we support them. In fact, we’ve helped dozens of people just like you build a career at large corporations like Gulfstream, small businesses like Leopold’s Ice Creamery, and retail giants like Kroger.

How We Help

We offer multiple services to help you build a successful career in your community. Components of our Community Employment Services program include:


    • Career Exploration and Discovery – Gain exposure to different career possibilities and discover employment strengths and preferences


    • Employment Planning – Develop employment goals based on strengths and interests


    • Job Development – Seek employment matching individual strengths and career goals


    • Resume Development and Mock Interviews– Build resumes and practice your interview skills


    • Job Placement and Onboarding – Get started on the job and receive the support necessary to succeed


    • Ongoing Job Support and Employment Planning – EmployAbility helps you as needed and assists with goal setting


At EmployAbility, we strive to help you put your unique skills to work for a business where you’ll be appreciated, valued, and have room for advancement.To help you be successful, EmployAbility matches you with Job Coaches who specialize in finding employment opportunities that not only fit well with each job seeker’s interests, skills, and support needs, but also meet the unique needs of businesses in the community.

Whether you have previous work experience and know what kind of job you’re looking for or you’ve never had a job and aren’t sure what you’d be good at, we can help!

EmployAbility is an Employment Network through Ticket to Work.

As an Employment Network, EmployAbility works with eligible candidates to place them in integrated community jobs, helping them become more self-sufficient. Using Ticket to Work allows people to seek jobs without fear of losing benefits.

Social Security disability beneficiaries ages 18 through 64 qualify. The Ticket program is free, voluntary, and helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence.