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How do you measure the success of an organization? Maximize revenue and minimize costs? How many widgets are manufactured in a week or the number of people provided a service in a day? Certainly, these are correct answers and there are many others, depending on the type and purpose of the organization.

Dr. Ken Boyd, Executive Director

Coastal Center for Developmental Services (CCDS) views success as how many individuals with developmental disabilities have integrated into the community by filling job requirements, participating in volunteer partnerships, or engaging in learning activities. And CCDS performs this mission exceedingly well!

Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions characterized by an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. The CCDS team recognizes these challenges faced by an individual, but chooses to focus instead on that person’s abilities and where and how that person adds value to the community and leads a full, meaningful life. It’s all about integration!

Professional Case Managers, Job Specialists, and Team Instructors teach and assist more than 400 individuals on a daily basis at CCDS, in Savannah area businesses, and in the surrounding communities, to empower them to make their own life choices.

Every CCDS team member is committed to providing our individuals with employment-related services, training, and community integration opportunities. And, they do it with a track record of success!

Approximately 100 team members impact our individuals and their families in a myriad of ways, all for the benefit of the individual. This team is to be congratulated on their commitment and dedication for multiple accomplishments. Staff and individuals along with impressive, life-altering stories will be featured in this column in future newsletters. It is my honor to be part of such a team and a privilege to bring you these testimonies of success. Thank you for supporting such an amazing organization and team of leaders!