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How Chris Contributes to Our Community

July 2020

Some people are natural-born ‘super connectors’ – people who thrive on interaction with others, stay active with multiple groups, and always do what they can to be of service to others. Chris is one of those people. “He’s very caring about other people,” says his mother. “He takes care not to hurt other people’s feelings and always wants others to be respectful of each other.”

Chris has contributed in a myriad of ways, helping EmployAbility and its program participants shine. In the early 2000s, Chris was a participant representative of EmployAbility’s Board of Directors, ensuring that participants have an active voice at the monthly meetings. Today, he sits on the Risk Assessment Committee, helping to perform regular audits of the organization’s physical spaces and making recommendations for possible improvements.

In the community, Chris belongs to the local People First chapter, which affirms that people with disabilities are “people first” and not to be defined by a disability, and recently joined the Board of Citizen Advocacy, which helps people with disabilities to foster friendships and expand their natural support systems.

When asked about his dream job, Chris told us, “I want to train dogs. I’m good at it.” Whenever there’s time, Chris and his advocate, Rob, volunteer at the Humane Society and help to walk the dogs. And when he and Rob go to PetSmart, Chris likes to watch the dog obedience training classes and chat with the instructors to exchange ideas and tips.

Chris shares many of the same life goals as everybody else – creating lasting friendships, motivating, and caring for others, and contributing to the community by playing an active role in a variety of organizations. Thank you for helping Chris and so many others who are making their mark on the community in meaningful ways.

About EmployAbility

EmployAbility is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that prepares adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) for competitive employment and community inclusion.

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