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When Felita joined the Community Employment Services program in 1989, her goal was simple – she wanted to find a job. With help from one of our employment specialists, she found a full-time job that fit her skills and her interests.  Her hard work and ability turned that job into a career.

While the average employee stays in their role just over 4 years, Felita has been a Dietary Assistant at St. Joseph’s Hospital for 29 years. Over her almost three decades as part of the St. Joseph’s Dietary Department team, she’s become an integral part of the department. But the value she brings to the team is more than just the sum of her skills – it’s also her personality.

“She doesn’t speak up much,” said Felita’s supervisor, Anne Hopkins, “but when she does, she will amaze you with her insight.”

Your gift helped make it possible for Felita to be successful in her job at St. Joseph’s kitchens. With your help, she’s celebrating 30 years of continued career success!

Felita takes pride in being focused and efficient. In her first few years, she developed a system to clean the hundreds of plates, bowls, glasses and silverware her team is responsible for – a system that she is often asked to teach new staff when they join the team.

“I love working here, “ Felita says with a smile. “It’s like a family.”

With the support she received thanks to your donation,  Felita has built a career, made friends, and been an active member of the community – opportunities for success that many of us take for granted. Thank you for supporting a future of independence and inclusion!

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