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The Smart Business Decision That Feels Good

For more than 30 years, we have consistently helped companies achieve their production goals through our Packaging and Assembly services. We hire people with disabilities and other barriers to independence who excel at the type of exacting work required in packaging and light assembly. These motivated workers earn much more than paychecks – they earn a sense of independence and pride.

Cost effective. Life changing.

The area’s best-known companies come to us for packaging and assembly services. Our 20,000 square foot climate controlled warehouse provides a convenient and secure location. Our commitment to quality service and performance excellence positions us to deliver the reliability and value our customers expect. The revenue generated from our contracts provide jobs and training to people with disabilities and other barriers to independence.

What we do

Packaging Assembly Services

Supply Chain Services

Flexible solutions for handling a variety of products including sub-assemblies, parts manufacturing, kitting, sorting, labeling, and quality testing.

Contract Packaging

Bulk packing and palletizing, re-packaging, bagging, heat sealing, shrink-wrapping and quality control.

Heat Shrink Packaging

Our in-house Heat Sealer and Shrink Tunnel are perfect for professional packaging, rebranding or repackaging campaign, or new marketing initiatives

Satisfied Customers

We tailor our services to meet your needs, including special projects, rush orders, seasonal peaks, and re-work projects. We are committed to partnering with our customers for the best results.

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