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At EmployAbility, we know what it takes to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) find and keep a job in the community. And not just any job – we’re talking about careers with real pay, real responsibilities, and real rewards.

The people we support are as diverse as the industries in which we support them. In fact, we’ve helped dozens of people just like you build a career at large corporations like Gulfstream, small businesses like Leopold’s Ice Creamery, and retail giants like Kroger.

With more than 30 years of experience connecting people with IDD and local businesses, we’ve helped hundreds of people find the job of their dreams.

EmployAbility program participants are thriving in a variety of roles at over 130 businesses throughout Chatham, Bryan, and Effingham counties. They’re working in administrative, retail, hospitality, medical practices, warehousing and logistics, among others!

How we help job seekers

We offer multiple services to help you build a successful career in your community. Components of our Community Employment Services program include:

Career Exploration and Discovery – Gain exposure to different career possibilities and discover employment strengths and preferences

Employment Planning – Develop employment goals based on strengths and interests

Job Development – Seek employment matching individual strengths and career goals

Resume Development and Mock Interviews  Build resumes and practice your interview skills

Job Placement and Onboarding – Get started on the job and receive the support necessary to succeed

Ongoing Job Support and Employment Planning – EmployAbility helps you as needed and assists with goal setting

Hire an exceptional teammate

We make it easy to hire employees that add value to your team!

Since 1985, EmployAbility has partnered with businesses of all sizes who are seeking long-term, dedicated employees.

From pre-employment preparation to assisting with interviewing, orientation and onboarding, EmployAbility job coaches help find the best person to join your team.  We currently work with over 130 area businesses to employ approximately 230 people with IDD.

Why partner with us? It’s simple. EmployAbility saves you money by placing dependable, hard-working employees with unique skills and talents in hard to fill, high-turnover positions.

3 employees standing in front of Leopold's Ice Cream

How we help employers

Contact Us  The first step toward building a stronger, more diverse workforce is to get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page. After you contact us, one of our knowledgeable employment specialists will meet with you. We’ll talk about your needs, tour your job site, and begin to analyze your workflow. Once we have an understanding of your needs, our staff will match job candidates based on skill set and cultural fit.

Interview  Through working interviews, you’ll meet candidates, get to know them, and decide who’s the best fit for your team.

Train – Once you’ve identified the candidate who is the best fit, we’ll help train them to your specifications.

Support  Our role isn’t over once the hiring process is complete. We’ll provide ongoing job coaching support as needed, including when someone receives a promotion or as job responsibilities change.

Frequently Asked Questions

from Employers

Will a person with IDD be able to do the job?
A 2014 study conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity [I4CP] found that three-quarters or more of employers rate their employees with developmental disabilities as good to very good on most performance factors–including work quality and productivity. Employees with developmental disabilities often have to work harder to find employment and apply that same level of effort to their performance. We work with you to effectively match employee skills to your job needs, focusing on ability.
Will hiring a person with disabilities create more work?
EmployAbility works to match the needs of the job to the abilities of the individual to ensure they meet your standards. Additionally, most workers with disabilities do not require any special accommodations. When accommodations are necessary, approximately 20% do not require any costs, and 50% cost less than $500.
What are the benefits of hiring a person with disabilities?
Hiring a person with disabilities offers multiple benefits including the addition of highly motivated employees, demonstrating an inclusive and diverse culture that’s attractive to critical talent pools, and improving customer satisfaction.

Your team also benefits from the positive qualities workers with disabilities bring to their role.  Employers describe individuals with developmental disabilities as dependable, engaged, and motivated. They also show great attendance, attention to work quality, and high productivity – the ideal worker!

You may also be eligible for certain tax credits as an incentive to hire workers with disabilities or to offset the cost of creating an accessible workplace. For more information, visit the IRS website or speak with your tax adviser.

What types of jobs are right for a person with disabilities?
There are lots of roles that a person with a disability can fill successfully. We’ve placed workers in variety of roles including clerical, customer service, facilities support, patient care, food service, logistics, and manufacturing.  Contact us today to see if we can find the right worker for your role!

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