Ways to Volunteer

At EmployAbility, individuals, groups, and students play a vital role by volunteering their expertise, either alongside our program participants or through task-oriented projects.

Whether you’re passionate about art, music, gardening, accompanying groups on field trips, or have a particular skill or interest that you’d like to contribute, we’re happy to have you as a volunteer!

Have questions about volunteering at EmployAbility? Email us at info@employabilityga.org

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities where you can directly engage with our program participants are typically available Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

We believe that everyone has skills or interests worth sharing and will gladly work with you to find an opportunity that interests you!

Some roles our volunteers fill include: art instructor; craft assistant; community outing assistant; music session leader; yoga instructor

Service Learning and Internships

EmployAbility partners with colleges and universities to provide internships and service learning opportunities for students. While we’re happy to work with students in any field of study, typical focus areas include: human services, psychology, and occupational therapy.

Service learning roles vary  but typically include responsibilities similar to individual volunteers. As a service learner, you might serve as a community outing assistant, an art instructor, or a computer mentor, among other opportunities.

For those interested in the administrative side of our organization, we also offer internships in human resources and business development.

Corporate Volunteer Groups

EmployAbility works with various corporate volunteer groups to create meaningful experiences for both the people with disabilities that we serve and employees who are generously donating their time.

Contact us for help planning your next day of service!

Make a Difference!

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