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Services for individuals with developmental disabilities are shifting towards a community focus throughout the country. Collectively we have realized the importance community connections play in both work and leisure activities. CCDS continues to be a leader in our field and as such, takes a proactive and individualized approach with each and every person in our programs.

Quite often I hear families and individuals say they are happy with their current on-campus training program and have no interest in going out into the community. I am frequently told facility-based programming is safe, and convenient, offering door to door transportation and scheduling flexibility.

To understand the significance of community experiences, we must consider the importance of community connections. Being a part of the community provides individuals with the opportunity to develop new friendships, enhance their skill sets, and have experiences that enrich the fabric of their lives.

With these benefits in mind, CCDS has a renewed emphasis to provide individuals with community-based opportunities in both work and leisure settings. Within the last several years, we have created new programs that provide the skills training and supports necessary for individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain community-based jobs. We are also providing individuals with the opportunity to become a part of their community through volunteerism and enrichment activities.

Please join us on our journey to help people develop the connections that will enable them to lead meaningful lives as contributing members of their communities.

Wanda Bohnstedt is the Director of Training at CCDS.  She oversees the business operations of our Prevocational Training Center and its departments: Catering, Packaging Assembly, Promotional Printing, and Specialized Assembly. Wanda joined CCDS in 1990 as the Supervisor of the Children’s First Program for children with developmental disabilities. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a BA in Education.